Hey it’s Zoe from Buybits and today I am going to be showing you this Ultimate Addons Universal Frame Mount.  And it suits 99% of smart phones due to its adjustable arms and phones can be used with or without a case.  The grips open, which are these from 14mm which is that to 88mm which is this and has safety lips here to ensure that your phone doesn’t fall down.

This mount has a button on the back which you press which opens the arms up like that and it also has two feet which ensures that your phone is secure.  The feet and the arms both have soft foam which helps to make sure that your phone doesn’t slip out.

I am going to be showing you this golf trolley clip mount.  Its quite simple to use, all you do is find a suitable place on your golf trolley and just slide it down like that into position.  Okay now all you do is get your Ultimate Addons Universal Phone Mount and on the back here you got this hole here and at the back and you just line these up like that and then pull down to secure into place and now this is adjustable so you can position it to suit you; all you have to do is loosen this bit here because it is on a ball and socket joint, so once you have released the nut then you can move it around and position it into a place that suits you like that and then screw it back up once you’ve found that place so its secure.

So you know how to use this mount with your phone.  I have got my iPhone phone here and all you do is press the button on the back here which releases the arms pull down the feet like that, and then place your phone into the cradle and then push the arms to the side of your phones to tighten the end up.

Okay I have got another phone here, this is the HTC Wildfire which is in a leather case and I wish to show you how to put this in.  All you do to release the phone is press this button on the back which opens the arms, then take the phone put it into position and then push these arms together to secure your phone.  To take this off now so all you do is remove your phone first, so press this button at the back to release the arms like that and then all you do is slide up like that and take it up.  And if you would like to see other golf mounts please visit buybits.com.