There are some great HTC Desire accessories for people to choose from.

  1. Leather Case - The leather case is made of the best high quality leather. It opens and closes easier than most because it has magnetic studs. It can be easy attached to your belt with its belt clip.
  2. Motorbike Mount - HTC Desire motorbike mount is easy to lock and unlock on your bike. It is great for people who ride bikes to put on their handlebars. The mount is cushioned so there will be no damage to the phone. You just screw the mount onto the handlebar at your convenience. The mount is customized to fit the HTC Desire.
  3. Dashboard Mount - The dashboard mount is adjustable so it will fit any size phone. It has a flexible goose neck so you can move it into the position that you want it in. It is a suction cup so it can be mounted to most surfaces. It is a great way for a person to not have to use their hands when talking on the phone.
  4. Mains Charger - The HTC Desire mains charger is a replacement charger for a mobile phone. It can be used on almost every phone. And it can be plugged straight into the HTC Desire without any problems.
  5. Replacement Battery - The replacement battery usually has an one year warranty on it and a 30 day money back guarantee on it. This battery can be recharged without a person's losing any of its memory. It is protected from a person overloading the phone or having a short circuit on it.
  6. Car Holder - The HTC Desire car holder is a mount that a person can use in their car. The phone can be mounted anywhere in the car for safe keeping. It works great for a person who uses a headset a lot while they are in the car.

These are just some of the great HTC Desire accessories that you can get for your phone.