Difficulties bikers face are too numerous to mention. Let us focus on the one that proves challenging for either the biker and/or a passenger as well. Getting good directions is easy, however, remembering, or reading written directions, or following a map while riding a motorcycle can be virtually impossible.

Even when riding slow, or on the non-windiest day of travel, paper and 30 mph on the open road do not fare well. For this, the Tomtom Rider is available. With the 2nd edition available, this is big news. Wind, rain, power, helmets and gloves do not hinder this sat nav system. Picture this, the day is perfect and the road is stretched out in front of you, actually calling for you, and there's a bike nearby with your name written all over it, all you need is a destination. For that destination, Tomtom Rider is at your service.

This handy dandy gadget will help you choose a destination, plan your route, and in short, get you there. The bike mount adapts to both bikes and scooters that is built to withstand any vibration a bike can dish out, along with a bike mounting kit available for your motorcycle. The 2nd edition offers a glove friendly mode to utilise along with the hands free Bluetooth for in-helmet (both open and closed) voice directions or beeps as your speed safely increases, so as to never miss a turn. After using the charger , the battery provides up to 5 hours of operation or can be hooked into the bike battery for constant power.

The sat nav is preloaded with maps of the U.S. and Canada and the v2 Europe will be of assistance if your destination includes the UK or Europe.

Don't miss out or show up late to an event because your map went flying faster than a paper airplane in a 5th grade math class. Don't spend time arguing with your biking buddies on the best route to take to the next stop. Never turn the wrong direction because your passenger answered "right" when you asked, "Turn left here?" The Rider 2nd Edition and V2 Europe fit all your navigational needs. Complete with charger ,bike mount, optional bike mounting kit , handsfree calling, and map updates, this is a biker's dream.

So hop on, kick start, and go wherever the open road calls. Just follow the good directions and let TomTom Rider be your guide. 

Photo: johnkarakatsanis