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12mm Hexagon Hole Phone Mount for Honda Blackbird - Kawasaki Motorcycles fits Sony XPERIA Z2 (sku 19800)

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Sony XPERIA Z2phone mount with a 12mm Hexagon Hole fitting for Honda Blackbird and many Kawasaki Motorcycles
Mount consists of a unique central yoke nut fitting for sports bikes - British engineered - made from Anodised Aluminium.
Simple allen key fitting - Mount base gives a 1" (25mm) ball fitting which is also compatible with RAM motorcycle mounts, Ultimate Addons & SW-Motech solutions.
NB - not compatible with steering dampening systems.

Supplied with a dedicated clip in phone holder designed to contour the XPERIA Z2perfectly.

What's included?
1 x 12mm hexagon bike base
1 x 4 prong adaptor.
1 x XPERIA Z2 cradle