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BikeConsole MOTORCYCLE KIT for iPhone 7-8 Plus (FitClic)

SKU: TE0347

You want to use your smartphone apps during a motorcycle trip ? You want to stay connected, or enjoy some of your tunes? You like the convenience and flexibility of the FitClic mounting mechanism? Worry about running your iPhone's battery flat during a motorcycle trip? Want to charge your phone while inside the FitClic BikeConsole CASE but don't want to fiddle with charging cables that run out of the case? Don't want to compromise water-tightness of the FitClic BikeConsole CASE by having an extra opening for charging cable passage? The all new FitClic BikeConsole POWERPLUS MOTORCYCLE KIT has been designed for you. It is the most versatile motorcycle mount for smartphones. It protects your phone against rain and shock while maintaining access to all your phone's most critical functions.

- Fits iPhone 7 Plus (5.5" screen)
- FitClic system case and bracket made of engineering plastics
- Scan through technology allows accurate use of Touch ID feature of the phone while protecting the latter from the elements
- IPX4 Waterproof submersible
- Drop tests from 2 meters on hard concrete floor at multiple angles
- Touchscreen operable with sensitivity over 90%
- Case with silicone lining that snug fits your phone
- 2 Double-hinged latches lock phone in with extra security
- Pocket-friendly flat back design
- Case-in-case design with ultra-thin phone case for everyday use included (use is optional)
- Sound Boost technology diverts speaker/mic sound to the front while keeping the whole unit water tight
- Integrated kickstand
- Home, sleep/wake and volume buttons operable
- Cameras ready
- Lightning charge/headphone port accessible

- Include Charge-thru Mounting Bracket where you may plug in power source compatible with your phone via a micro-USB port (cable and power source such as power converter or battery pack NOT included)*
- Bracket has same mounting and Dual Lock mechanism as FitClic Motorcycle Ball Mount with ball-joint for easy adjustment of viewing angles, and with exchangeable spacers to adapt to bar sizes from Ø20 to Ø30.5 (with alternative zip-tie attachment for oversized bars or permanent mounting on dashboard)
- Include Charging Connector Module for DIY installation inside BikeConsole CASE
- Simple installation of Charging Connector Module involves removal and replacement of 2 screws only
- Total weight 250g
* The Charge-thru Bracket does not have any power conversion function. Ensure you have a power converter to convert the power source into a format compatible with your phone (usually 5.0V DC) if you want to charge your phone with a dynamo, a motorcycle or e-bike battery.
- Package includes case with form-fitting silicone lining, ultra-thin phone case for everyday use (translucent color), grommet to seal headphone/charging cable passage against water during use, FitClic PowerPlus Motorcycle Ball Mount.