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Dedicated Easy Fit TC Car Air Vent Phone Mount Holder for LG G4 (sku 31991)

SKU: 31991

Another BuyBits Hybrid Mounting Solution for the LG G4smartphone.
Use & view your phone from a convenient air vent.
Suitable for most vent slats.
A perfect way to hold your phone so you can access map or GPS applications like Google maps or TomTom.

This mount is easy to fit and is completely removable.
Single spring arm attachment system rotates so is suitable for both horizontal and vertical vent slats.

360º off set positioning with a twin ball joint ensures your optimum viewing position can be achieved.

Cushioned support feet reduces vibration and protect the dash / console.

Fitting: Requires a gap of 6mm (¼") between louvers. Louver maximum depth 30mm (1.19").

The TC design of phone holder has a spring release flip top which makes inserting and removing your phone very easy. Due to the dedicated nature of this cradle you will have to remove any case or skin before inserting.

What do I get?
1 x 'easy fit' air vent base
1 x TC Dedicated phone cradle.