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'Direct to Battery' Powered Motorcycle Handlebar Mount for LG Google Nexus 5 (sku 18412)

SKU: 18412

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A complete powered motorcycle mounting option for the LG Google Nexus 5.

Securely hold and charge your LG Google Nexus 5 while on your bike.

This great value bundle combines the BuyBits waterproof phone case with an Ultimate Addons 'direct to battery' charging cable.

The case is IPX4 standard and offers protection if caught in light rain showers or when riding in damp weather.

Allows room for you to keep a protective case or skin on your LG Google Nexus 5 while in use.

The hard-wire charger with its connector power lead charges your LG Google Nexus 5 direct from the motorcycles battery.
This ensures your phone is powered throughout your journey and ready to use.

The Mount
Suitable for most styles of handlebar - a diameter from 16mm to 33mm.
Secure twin screw fitting.
Made from high grade plastic - light-weight yet tough.
The handlebar mounting is held on a pedestal and offers 360º tilt and swivel adjustment.
Includes protective rubber shims.
Attaches in seconds - simple yet very effective.

The Case
Protective weather resistant to IPX4 - can be used in damp weather and will protect from light rain showers.
Twin ended high quality covered zip.
Clear touch sensitive lens.
Overall external measurements of case: 16.5cm x 10cm x 3.50cm approx.
Cable access.
Includes support pads.
Double lug system attaches directly to the bike mount and includes a security thumb screw for piece of mind.
Case can be detached from the mount easily, ideal if you leave your bike unattended.

Please note: This case allows room for you to keep a protective case on your LG Google Nexus 5 - this of course will depend of the style of case used and we cannot say whether it will be suitable for yours.

The Ultimate Addons Direct to Battery Charger.
FUSED & WATERPROOF - designed for motorcycles.
Incorporates an on/off power switch on the voltage regulator.
Unlike many hard-wire cables which drain your battery's power while your bike is stored, our cable allows you to switch the current off when you want.
Supplied with micro USB connector to charge directly.
High quality FUSED hard-wire cable.
2amp replaceable blade fuse.
Incorporates an on/off power switch on the voltage regulator.
Input Voltage: DC 12-24v
Maximum Charging Current: 1A
Output Voltage: DC 5V
Reverse Voltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Overload Protection
LED indicators.
Weather cap.
Total Cable length including connector approx 3m.
NOTE: Do not submerge case or use underwater.

What do I get?
1 x weatherproof case
1 x bike handlebar mount
1 x Hard-wire battery cable