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Tigra Bespoke SMART5 Case & 25mm Socket for Samsung Galaxy S8 (sku 36985)

SKU: 36985

TiGRA SMART 5 phone case with a dedicated anti-shock silicon liner designed to fit Samsung Galaxy S8 & 25mm (1 inch) socket adapter.
Not for larger Galaxy S8+ / S8 PLUS
Designed to be used with an existing 25mm / 1" ball mount base. Can be used with Ultimate Addons, RAM, SW-Motech & BuyBits motorcycle mounts.
Case is PX4 waterproof, shock and impact proof. Double-hinged side latch. Touch screen membrane with sensitivity over 90%. All phone buttons operable
Rear camera accessible. Pocket-friendly flat back design.
Can be used with the BuyBits or Ultimate Addons external direct / hardwire or DIN charger (available individually - not included)
As with the SMART 5 range case is compatible with TiGRA Integrated charging, has micro USB plug for connecting to the phone on one side, and the other side connected to a PCB with “Smart Circuitry'' which optimizes power output to the phone. The PCB has contact plates exposed outside the case for connection with the mounting bracket. Charge-thru mounting bracket with micro USB and 2.5mm DC jacks (power input 5.0V DC) for plugging in from power sources such as BikeCharge Dynamo, BikeCharge Power Converter, BikeCharge Power Pack or other third party battery packs and converters
Includes an additional handlebar mounting bracket, fits bars 20-45mm, with dual-lock mechanism and compatible with other BikeConsole models
Built-in 3.5mm stereo male to female cable (for plugging in headphone outside of case), removable by user
Overall dimensions (excluding mounting bracket): 172 x 91 x 28mm

Package includes:
- 25mm / 1 inch socket adapter
- IPX4 waterproof case with dedicated form-fitting silicone lining
- Additional handlebar mount with 'Charge-thru' (IPBK-03) & Allen key/rubber pad
- Rubber plug for sealing cable passage in case stereo cable is removed