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TiGRA BikeCONSOLE Waterproof iPhone 4S Motorcycle Powered Mount Kit (sku 16377)

SKU: 16377

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Hold, protect and power your Apple iPhone 4 / 4S.

BONUS - This bundle includes an additional standard handlebar mount.

This kit consists of:

TiGRA BikeCONSOLE IPX4 waterproof iPhone holder.
Heavy Duty motorcycle handlebar mount.
Additional Standard handlebar mount - for an additional bike / cycle
Ultimate Addons direct to battery motorcycle charging cable with iPhone blade connector.

Tough, durable and IPX4 WATERPROOF

IPX4 Waterproof will protect from water splashes - could withstand accidental submergence but NOT suitable for use in water or prolonged exposure to wet environments.

The Case:
Dedicated designed for the Apple iPhone 4 / 4S & iPhone 3G / 3GS only.
Made from engineered plastics.
Side clip and silicon band locking system offers extra protection to your smartphone.
Home and Sleep/Wake buttons of iPhone operable from outside.
Headphone jack can be reached from outside
Camera access.
FaceTime camera operable
360 degrees rotation with reinforced rotation mechanism
Power cable access.

The Heavy Duty Mount:
Heavy duty design ideal for off road & motorcycles
NO TOOLS required to ft
Fits bars 20mm - 38mm
Unique swivel hinge design
Removable shafts ensue the perfect fit for your handlebars.
Bikeconsole can be simply removed (one clip) from the handlebar mount if you leave your bike parked.

New reinforced QUICK RELEASE universal mounting bracket
Fits handlebars 18mm-38mm approx
Bikeconsole can be simply removed (one clip) from the handlebar mount if you leave your bike parked.

The Hardwire Cable:
Blade style iPhone connector fits the Apple iPhone 3G / 3Gs & iPhone 4 / 4s
Incorporates an on/off power switch on the voltage regulator - will not drain your battery's power while your bike is stored.
FUSED - 2amp replaceable blade fuse
WATERPROOF - designed for motorcycles.
Input Voltage: DC 6-24v
Maximum Charging Current: 1A
Output Voltage: DC 5V
Reverse Voltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Overload Protection
LED indicators.
Weather cap.
Total Cable length including iPhone connector approx 3m
Apple iPhone to Connector (end to end) 50cm approx
Connector to Voltage Regulator (end to end) = 1m approx
Voltage Regulator to Battery Connectors (end to end) 1.50m approx

The Ultimate Addons hard wire cable has been specially designed with a detachable waterproof power connector allowing charging plugs for alternative devices to be attached to the hardwire cable while it's attached to the battery on your bike. Alternative style connectors available separately

Package includes:
Case with form-fitting silicone lining.
Handlebar Mount.
Allen key for fixing bracket on bar.
Direct to battery motorcycle hardwire charger.

Hardwire Video

Drop Test

Water Resistance Test