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ZS Multi Surface Suction Car Mount for Garmin Oregon 550t (SKU 30491)

ZS Multi Surface Suction Car Mount for Garmin Oregon 300, 400 (SKU 15583)
SKU: 30491
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Product Description


The ZS multi surface suction dashboard car mount with holder for the
Garmin Oregon 550t is ideal for keeping your SatNav secure and accessible. 


The ZS Multi Surface Suction Mount is one of our NEW range of GPS/SatNav mounts with dedicated cradles which will hold to almost any flat surface within your vehicle.
Suitable for the Garmin Oregon 550t.

Apply directly to the dashboard / console and view your Garmin Oregon 550t conveniently within your line of sight or apply to the windscreen in the traditional way for a really FIRM grip to glass.

The ZS Multi Surface Mount uses a special PU coated 60mm suction cup which, although tacky to touch, it is NOT adhesive so it can be removed and re- applied as many times as you like allowing you to adjust it's position or transfer it between vehicles.

The PU coated lever release suction cup gives reliable vacuum grip that holds firm to just about any surface within your car.
The sucker requires a minimum flat area of just 70mm diameter for a good grip.
This mount will even hold to textured dashboards and console areas.

So versatile, neat enough for small cars and perfect for larger vehicles such as Motorhomes, MPVs, Lorry Cabs, Transit Vans.

If your vehicle has a deep dash or steep sloping windscreen, the ZS Multisurface Mount allows you to bring your SatNav closer to you for easier viewing.

The dedicated Garmin Oregon 550t cradle detaches easily from the ZS Mounts so the arm can be left in position if required. 

Function areas remain fully accessible.

Arm length approx 60mm - low level design, neat and unobtrusive.

How to apply your ZS Multi Surface Mount.
Select your chosen position, ensure it is clean, dust free.
Remove the protective film from the sucker.
Position the ZS arm pull down the lever to expel the air and create the vacuum.
Give it a wiggle to ensure it's holding firm then insert your device.

To remove; Just lift the lever and pull on the release tab to break the vacuum. The ZS mount can now be removed
NOTE: Please do not just pull the mount off the surface, you WILL damage it.

Washable; Although your car is probably spotless, dust, fluff & grease can build up on the suction cup causing the suction to fail. If this happens simply rinse the sucker under a running tap & leave to air dry.

Not suitable for oiled areas, loose covered dashboards or areas cleaned with wax or grease treatments.

Please Note that the device in the above photos may differ from the device listed and are for illustration purposes only.

The Video below is an example of the MULTI SURFACE MOUNT and may not show the holder in the description.

 List of Compatible Devices

Garmin Astro 320

Garmin Dakota 10

Garmin Dakota 20

Garmin GPSMap 62

Garmin GPSMap 62s

Garmin GPSMap 62sc

Garmin GPSMap 62st

Garmin GPSMap 62stc

Garmin Oregon 450

Garmin Oregon 450t

Garmin Oregon 550

Garmin Oregon 550t

Garmin Rino 610

Garmin Rino 650

Garmin Rino 655t


Additional Information

Additional Information

Bullet 1 No
Bullet 2 No
Bullet 3 No
Bullet 4 No
Bullet 5 No
Manufacturer BuyBits
Fits Garmin Garmin Oregon
Brand Garmin
Mounting Type Multisurface
Colour Black


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