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12mm Hexagon Hole TiGRA Case Mount Bundle for iPhone 5C fits Honda Blackbird - Kawasaki Motorcycles (sku 2053427)

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12mm Hexagon Hole Honda Blackbird / Kawasaki Motorcycle Mount & waterproof TiGRA BikeCONSOLE case for iPhone 5C only

Waterproof Tough Case with a 12mm Hexagon Hole fitting suitable for the Honda Blackbird and many Kawasaki Motorcycles.

Unique central yoke nut fitting for sports bikes - British engineered - made from Anodised Aluminium.
Simple allen key fitting.
Note - not compatible with steering dampening systems.

TiGRA case - designed to fit the Apple iPhone 5 & 5S (not for 5c) & offers IPX4 waterproof protection with 'Scan Through' access for the Touch ID feature.
Protects from rain sh41.65owers & damp weather while maintaining access to most of your phone's functions.
Case features: IPX4 Waterproof.
Large twin side clasps for reliable security.
Drop tests from 2 meters on hard concrete floor at multiple angles.
Touch screen operable with sensitivity over 90%.
Strong case made of engineering plastics.
2 large reliable double-hinged latches lock phone in with extra security.
Pocket-friendly flat back design.
New safety lock design prevents case detaching from adaptor.
Sound Boost technology diverts speaker/mic sound to the front while keeping the whole unit water tight.
Case-in-case design eliminates the hassle to undress phone (but naked phone can also snug-fit inside console).
Stylish, translucent polycarbonate case for daily use included (use is optional)
Integrated kickstand.
360º rotation.
Home and sleep/wake buttons operable
Cameras access
Headphone accessible (headphones not included)
Charge port accessible (cable not included)

What's included?
1 x 12mm hexagon bike base
1 x TiGRA adaptor.
1 x TiGRA tough case

BikeConsole iPhone 5 Extreme Tests - YouTube

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What's included ? 1 x Tigra Case 1 x adapter 1 x 12mm hex stem mount