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12mm Motorcycle Stem Mount & Compact Hard Tough Case for iPhone 7 (4.7") fits Kawasaki & Honda Blackbird (sku 36605)

SKU: 36605

Motorcycle mount bundle designed for many Kawasaki models & the Honda Blackbird - 12mm Hexagon stem mount base with a compact hard shell tough case.

BuyBits tough case made for the Apple iPhone 7 (4.7" screen)
A neat compact case - measures only 17cm x 9cm x 1.5cm (6.5 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches) approx
Case is waterproof IPX4 with a touch screen & access to volume control, power button & camera.
Headphone & charger access with weather caps.
Secure twin side clips.
Power access -
Case can be powered using your own iPhone sync/data lead with an appropriate charging plug.

Unique central yoke nut fitting for sports bikes - British engineered - made from Anodised Aluminium.
Simple allen key fitting.
Mount base gives you a 1" (25mm) ball base to which the case attaches
360 degree tilt & swivel
Note - not compatible with steering dampening systems.

What's included? 1 x 12mm stem base, 1 x tough case with additional screen protector & lanyard, 1 x adapter