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12mm Motorcycle Stem Mount & Phone Holder for iPhone 6 Plus (5.5") fits Honda Blackbird & Kawasaki (sku 35940)

SKU: 35940

12mm (0.47 inches) Hexagon HoleMotorcycle Stem Yoke Mount with Holder for Apple iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 6S PLUS (5.5" screen)
(not suitable for smaller iPhone 6 / 6S with 4.7" screen)

Unique central yoke nut fitting for sports bikes - British engineered - Designed for Honda Blackbird and many Kawasaki Motocycles.

Light-weight and attaches easily to the steering head tube of fork stem - Not compatible with dampening systems.
Check that your stem cover can be removed leaving a central hole for the mount to fix in. - simply drop attachment into the hole of the stem and use the allen key to tighten.
The double socket arm fastens onto the stem mount, allowing the arm to swivel and pivot as desired. The compact arm is 1 3/4" (45mm) between centres and is made of aluminium.

A modern four leg design where the phone is gripped by padded, stainless steel arms, making it light weight and easy to use. This attaches into the arm allowing for fluid movement. The X-Grip also comes with an elastic tether goes over the mount and holds the phone in place for extra security. The tether would be necessary while riding due to the high levels of vibration.
What do you get?

1x Stem Mount / 1x Arm / 1x cradle / 1x Tether