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13.3-14.7mm Motorcycle Fork Stem Phone Mount Quick Grip XL Holder for iPhone 11 Pro Max (sku 51973)

SKU: 51973

13.3-14.7mm Motorcycle Fork Stem Phone Mount Quick Grip Holder for iPhone 11 Pro Max
The RAM Quick-Grip device mount is capable of holding a broad range of electronic devices. The spring loaded mechanism and the adjustable side keepers allow for a secure grip on your device. Whether it is a cell, GPS, blue tooth speaker or anything that will fit in the dimensions of the cradle, your electronics will be secure.
Included is a set of two nuts and bolts

Cradle Clamping Dimensions:
Height Range: 5.75 inch - 8.25 inch (approx 14cm - 20.9cm)
Width Range: 2.625 inch - 3.625 inch (approx 6.6cm - 9.2cm)
Max Depth: 0.72 inch (approx 1.8cm)

About the Mount: This central fork stem yoke mount has been developed for use on bikes where a handlebar mounting option is not possible or desirable. Designed to fit sports, superbike, endurance and touring motorbikes using the cylindrical bore wall (steering head tube) of the fork stems.
Mount Fits Stems: 13.3mm - 14.7mm (0.52 inch - 0.58 inch)
Light weight - made from Aluminium.
Attaches easily to the steering head tube of fork stems.
Easy to fit and completely removable.