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15cm Phone 5 Car Window Mount (sku 15494)

SKU: 15494

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15cm Phone 5 Car Window Mount (sku 15494)

SKU: 15494

15cm (6") suction cup arm with a dedicated Apple iPhone 5 holder.

View your iPhone 5 from your windshield or side window

Quality German designed arm with TWO adjustment points, one at the base of the arm and importantly one at the cradle end so the iPhon5 can be rotated to view horizontally or vertically, idea for GPS satnav or map applications.
Achieve your idea viewing position with ease.
Large tightening screw holds position.

Suction cup arm uses lever release to create a vacuum for reliable grip to glass
70mm (2.8") clear suction cup
Removal tab

This window mount comes complete with a dedicated iPhone 5 holder.
This cradle has been designed to contour the phone ensuring all function area remain accessible.
Due to the dedicated design you will have to remove your iPhone from it's case before inserting in to the cradle.

What's included?
1 x suction cup arm
1 x iPhone 5 cradle