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2 Metre Mini Blade Fuse Loom & 12V Waterproof Accessory Socket (sku 8823)

SKU: 8823

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  • 12v Standard Size Waterproof Accessory socket with 2m Wiring Loom
  • Suitable for Chassis / Fairing / Panel Mounting
  • The socket is waterproof and is complete with sealing cover to stop water getting into it and shorting out
  • Can be fitted easily to Motorcycles,Quads, Trikes etc.
  • Socket can be fitted anywhere where there is enough room to for a 29mm diameter hole and 50mm depth for the socket
  • If using the mounting plate a surface area of 60mm x 43mm is required
  • Although any standard size plug will fit, the socket has a twist lock system which, when used with the twist lock plug (from the same manufacturer and available on our site under JW Cables and Adapters), stops the plug vibrating loose and is weather resistant
  • Supplied with a ready made 2m cable to allow easy fitting from battery to socket
  • The cable is sheathed for extra protection and durability and is fitted with 6.3mm blade connectors and 6mm ring terminals as standard making it ready to fit
  • Fitted with a Mini Blade inline fuse holder & 10A fuse
  • Cable ties included
  • Suitable for mobile phone chargers, GPS, camping accessories, almost anything with a cigarette lighter plug (Max 10A)

Please note: The socket will not accept cigarette lighter heating elements