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20cm Long Car Window / Dash Mount Kit for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (sku 30321)

SKU: 30321

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Extra reach 20cm (8") suction cup arm with a dedicated Samsung Galaxy Note 4 holder - This mount bundle has been put together for larger vehicles, those with a deep dash where you need the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be brought forward to view.

Quality design arm with THREE adjustment points.
Ensures you can achieve your idea viewing position.

German design arm has a lever to create a vacuum for reliable grip to glass or to the dash disc supplied with the mount.
Neat 60mm (2.4") clear suction cup
Removal tab

Adjustment Points:
1) 360º swivel at base of arm.
2) 180º vertical (up/down) half way along arm - with tightening screw.
3) Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cradle held on tilt & swivel ball socket - with tightening screw.

Ideal for map or GPS satnav applications.

Arm is supplied with a 65mm 3M adhesive dashboard mounting disc.
(not reusable once positioned)

The dedicated clip in cradle has been designed to contour the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 perfectly.

Please note that due to the bespoke nature of the cradle you will have to remove your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from any protective case before you insert in to the holder.

What's included?
1 x suction cup arm
1 x dash disc
1 x Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cradle