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Adjustable Golf Trolley - Cart Case Strap Mount Holder for iPhone 5 fits 21-40mm (sku 15148)

SKU: 15148

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Locking Strap Golf Trolley Mount for iPhone 5 (sku 15148)

SKU: 15148

Locking Strap Golf Mount for the iPhone 5.
The Locking Strap is the most universal mounting option the Ultimate Addons range offers.
So versatile, ideal for awkward cart or trolley framework & irregular sized handlebars.
Supplied with an adjustable mobile phone which allows you to keep a case or skin on the phone.

Suitable for square, oval & round handlebars, frames, poles or bar.
Fits minimum diameter of 21mm & maximum diameter 40mm.

The Universal Phone Holder:
This high quality universal cradle is ideal if you like to keep your phone in a protective protective case, skin or bumper.
Unlike bespoke dedicated cradles the arms of this holder are adjustable to accommodate different makes & styles of case.
Function areas remain fully accessible.
Fits phones with a minimum height of 65mm and a width of between 40mm - 80mm.
Perfect if you upgrade your phone regularly.

Universal Mobile Phone Holder with Golf Trolley Clip Mount - YouTube

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