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Adjustable Heavy Duty Flexible Music - Mic Stand iPad MINI Holder (sku 17797)

SKU: 17797

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Adjustable Heavy Duty Flexible Music / Mic Stand iPad Tablet Holder 

SKU: 17797 Fits the Apple iPad Mini, original iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 & iPad 4th gen.


Strong, secure music stand tablet mount.
Use with or without a case or skin.

Heavy duty design, hard wearing ideal for daily use.

This mount consists heavy duty adjustable C-clamp mount base with an adjustable tablet cradle which will accommodate most protective cases.

Fits any music or microphone stand.
12" flexible neck ensures minimum shake & judder on stage.
Universal adjustable clamp base attaches to both flat-edged surfaces, round & angled posts or rails.
Hand tighten - no tools needed to apply.
Quick & easy to set up or remove.

Adjustable tablet holder will accommodate a variety of cases & skins.
Feet pull out to neatly fit around the tablet.
Lipped design reduces the risk of the tablet falling forward in the cradle.
Ratchet spine has a locking tab to hold securely.
Cradle held on a ball joint for 360º tilt & swivel.

What's included?
1 x Heavy duty clamp base
1 x Adjustable tablet cradle