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Apple iPhone 5S Waterproof Case with RAM 1inch Ball Fixing for RAM Motorbike Mounts (sku 17433)

SKU: 17433

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Apple iPhone 5S Waterproof Case with RAM 1" Ball Fixing for RAM Motorbike Mounts.

Waterproof Mobile Smartphone Case for the Apple iPhone 5 / 5S / 5Cwith RAM 1" Ball Fixing for RAM Motorcycle Mounts.
Use this case with an existing RAM Motorbike mount or add to a RAM mounting option to create a bespoke mobile phone mount.

This high quality all weather rain resistant zip case will keep your mobile dry and protected from bad weather.
If your using satnav or map downloads during your journey this case allows easy access to your phone while on the road.

Universal fit - Suitable for mobiles & smartphones with the maximum dimensions of:
Width - 12cm max
Height 8cm max
Depth 3cm max (all approx)

Case has a flanged cable access and allows room for your charging cable.

Clear touch sensitive lens allows access to the screen of your device.

Twin ended zip for easy access.

Case is supplied with a RAM 1" ball fitting which is compatible with any of the standard 1" ball RAM mounting options.

Security thumb screw for piece of mind.

2 x support inserts.

Case can be used along with most silicon sleeves or skins.

Overall measurements of case: 14cm x 9.5cm x 3.50cm approx.