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Arkon APAMPS22MM 4-Hole AMPS to 22mm Ball Adapter (sku 37818)

SKU: 37818

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The APAMPS22MM adapter converts your 22mm ball mount into a 4-Hole AMPS drill-base mount. (Mounts, holders, and devices sold separately.) Simply unscrew the mount's tightening ring to remove the existing mount head, then insert the adapter and re-tighten the ring. Use the APAMPS22MM adapter with any Arkon mounts utilizing the 22mm ball pattern, including CM117-SBH (Rigid Extension Windshield Suction Mounting Pedestal with Telescoping Arm), GN088-SBH (Seat Rail or Floor Mounting Pedestal with 15'' Flexible Gooseneck), GN088-L22-SBH (Seat Rail or Floor Mounting Pedestal with 22'' Flexible Gooseneck), HM003-SBH (Headrest Mount with Rigid Extension Arm), HM002-SBH (Universal Headrest Mount). You can now mount devices having a 4-Hole AMPS pattern, including vehicle-specific mounts (VSMs), cameras, GPS devices, audio/video receivers, or satellite radios including Sirius S50, Sirius XM Onyx Plus, XM Onyx EZ, Sirius XM Lynx, Stratus 7, Dock & Play, and Sirius Dock & Play (sold separately). This mounting pedestal is also ideal for mobile radio holders, housings, and other devices used by public safety, construction, and utility applications. Formerly an industry standard, the 4-Hole AMPS pattern consists of four holes located in a rectangular pattern spaced at 30.17mm by 38.05mm (measured as the center-to-center distance between holes).