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Arkon APAMPS25MM 4-Hole AMPS to 25mm Rubber Ball Adapter for Arkon Robust Mount Series (sku 37819)

SKU: 37819

The APAMPS25MM adapter converts your 25mm (1 inch) Arkon Robust Series Mount or RAM Mount into a 4-Hole AMPS drill-base mount. (Mounts, holders, and devices sold separately.) Simply unscrew the Robust Mount shaft to remove the head or base (which ever you prefer), then insert the adapter and re-tighten the Robust Mount shaft. Use the APAMPS25MM adapter with any current Arkon Robust Mount models by removing the mount base or head: RM0802T Heavy-Duty 80mm Suction Pedestal, RM0792TWD Sticky Suction Windshield or Dash Mounting Pedestal, RM0801420 Heavy-Duty Camera Suction Mount, RM0861420 Heavy-Duty C-Clamp Mounting Pedestal with 1/4''-20 Camera Head, and RM0862T Heavy-Duty C-Clamp Mounting Pedestal with Dual-T Head.