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ARKON CROCODILE CLIP AIR VENT MOUNT for GARMIN NUVI 1300 1310 1350 1350T 1370T 1390T (SKU 6223)

SKU: 6223

View your Garmin Nuvi from a convenient air vent. Cradle fits the Nuvi 1200 1210 1240 1250 1260t Series & Nuvi 1300 1310 1350 1350T 1370T 1390T series.
The Removable Crocodile style vent clips fit most standard horizontal air vents and enables the mount to be removed completely for security or to move it from vehicle to vehicle.
Swivel ball and socket function allows you to adjust your SatNav to your favoured viewing position.
Support foot has two positions and offers a tilt function to avoid glare and to dampen vibration against the vent louvers.