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Arkon Mega Grip Apple iPhone 4S Air Vent Mount (sku 13588)

SKU: 13588

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SM429-SBH:Arkon Mega Grip Apple iPhone 4S vehicle air vent mount. Suitable for use with an iPhone case, bumper or skin.
The Arkon SN040-2 Universal Mega Grip holder is suitable for smartphone or mobile phones with 3.7" or 4.3" screens. Depth of cradle = 1" (57mm).
Side grip arms close to 2.25" (57mm) and open to 3.40" (86mm).
The side grip arms and support feet are cushioned to protect and your device.
A push button releases the grip to make removal quick and easy.
Viewing your APPLE iPHONE 4S from a vehicle air vent is a convenient alternative to traditional suction cup windscreen arms.
The Arkon Air Vent Mount GN047-SBH
uses crocodile style vent clips that are suitable for most standard horizontal vent slats and are simple to apply and to remove.