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ARKON REMOVABLE VENT MOUNT for the TOMTOM ONE XL v1 first edition (SKU 5126)

SKU: 5126

Crocodile Clip Vent Mount TomTom ONE XL v1 old style

CAR AIR VENT MOUNT with REMOVABLE Crocodile vent clips.
Mounting option complete with the bespoke holder suitable for the TomTom XL version 1 which uses a 'U' shaped slide on connector on the back of the unit and NOT an Easy-Port mounting ring.
Fits both the Regional & Europe versions.
Suitable for most horizontal air vents.
Croc clips allow the complete mount to be removed from the vents for security or convenience.
Perfect for swapping from vehicle to vehicle.
Pedestal design features a spring loaded
swivel mechanism.
Swivel left & right adjustment to alter viewing position.
Very easy to fit and use, support foot offers stability and reduces judder.
As with all vent mounts position away from air bag deployment zones.