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Arkon SM4SEATMT Car Console Wedge Phone Mount Holder fits Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (sku 51817)

SKU: 51817

Product Details – Arkon SM4SEATMT car console wedge phone mount fits in the space between your front seat and the console
Suitable for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
This mount includes Arkon's Mega Grip push-button universal phone holder and car console wedge mount featuring a Robust Mount Series shaft.
The mount is adjustable to fit the space between your car seat and console, and includes a handy compartment for change or other small items. Padded sides keep the mount in place. The arm of the mount includes two adjustment points, providing flexibility in placing the phone at any angle, including the back seat. The universal design of the Mega Grip phone holder accommodates phones having up to 3.25'' width with no height restrictions, making it compatible even when used with a large protective case or skin. Moreover, the mount doesn't block the phone's camera when secured in the holder. The phone holder's unique side-grip technology provides a strong grip that's easy to use. Just set your phone in the holder and close the arms to lock in place. A one-touch push of the holder's side button releases the phone. This mount can also be inserted into the front seat's back pocket for use by back seat passengers.