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ARKON SUCTION CUP WINDOW & DASH MOUNTING KIT for the GARMIN NUVI 1200 1210 1240 1250 1260t (SKU 6224)

SKU: 6224

View your Garmin Nuvi 1200 series from the windscreen or from the dashboard / console.
The arm measures approx 5" (12.7cm) in the standard window position and 2 1/4" (5.7cm) in the standard dashboard pose.
The 70mm clear suction cup is controlled by lever release which creates a vacuum and ensures reliable grip to glass or to the dash disc provided.
The 75mm slim black dashboard mounting disc uses a 3M PE Foam adhesive pad (pre positioned) and will adhere to most clean flat dashboards or consoles. The Suction cup can then be applied to the disc allowing a second viewing position.
Supplied with the holding cradle suitable for the Garmin Nuvi 1200 1210 1240 1250 1260t Series & the Garmin Nuvi 1300 1310 1350 1350T 1370T 1390T series.
This cradle is held on a Ball & Socket joint which gives 360 degree adjustment for the perfect viewing position.