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Bike Motorcycle Phone Camera Mount for Sony Xperia Z2 (sku 19614)

SKU: 19614

Use your Sony Xperia Z2 as a video camera.

Arkon bike handlebar camera mount with the AP142017MM 1/4" - 20 camera bolt threaded hole and BuyBits 4-prong phone cradle attachment adaptor & phone cradle.

Dedicated clip-in phone holder designed only for the Sony XPERIA Z2.

TWO great mounting options in ONE - The perfect track, day or road trip mounting option.

Allows you to attach your camera or video to the handlebars via the industry standard 1/4" - 20 pattern mounting screw or when used with the phone cradle lets you use your mobile smartphone to record your adventures.

The upright position makes using the camera a doddle and allows enough adjustment to achieve a desirable angle.

Supplied with the Xperia Z2 cradle and a '4-prong' adaptor suitable for all the BuyBits phone holders using the 4 lugg attach system along with Herbert Richter cradles and most other 4-prong systems on the market.

The Mount
Arkon superior quality secure handlebar mount with industry standard 1/4" - 20 pattern mounting screw; fits GoPro* & Contour cams as well as traditional camcorders and digital cameras.
360' rotation with tilt and swivel adjustment.
Suitable for both motorcycle and bicycle handlebars.
Mounting pedestal has ball joint adjustment & easy to use tightening ring for secure adjustment.
Fits handlebars from approx 16mm up to 33mm diameter and is compatible with standard (25.4mm and 26mm) size handlebars. (inc 2 x reducing wraps)
Suitable for most straight, drop, trekking, and touring size handlebars.
Made from high grade plastic this handlebar mount is light-weight yet tough.
Attaches in minutes.
Easy to remove.

The Phone Holder:
Bespoke design - only fits the phone in this listing
Camera access
4-prong attachment system
Remove your phone from it's case before inserting.

Video showing camera mount only:

Arkon Camera/Video Camera Mount for Bike & Motorcycle - YouTube

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