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BuyBits Heavy Duty Car Headrest Mount for Apple iPad Mini 2019 (sku 50538)

SKU: 50538

BuyBits hybird mounting solution - Heavy Duty Headrest Mount for Apple iPad Mini 2019

Cradle; Dedicated roll top cradle - designed for the Apple iPad Mini (2019 Generation) only. Keeps the entire screen visible.
Not for use with a case.

Arm; Arkon's durable car headrest mount is ideal for mounting device in the center of the back seat. Use in taxis and other passenger vehicles. The 8" (20cm) multi-angle aluminum mount measures 9 inches end-to-end and attaches to straight bar headrest posts on either the front or back seats. Three adjustment knobs at 2.5 inch (6.35cm) intervals on the mount arm and two additional 180° adjustment points at the top and bottom of the mount help position the device for perfect viewing.

What's included?
1 x Tablet cradle
1 x Heavy duty arm