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BuyBits High Power Hella - DIN - BMW Style power connector for Apple iPhone 5 (sku 21527)

SKU: 21527

New high power motorcycle Hella / DIN / BMW style power socket (female), with the Apple iPhone 5 adapter.

The BuyBits / Ultimate Addons Hella / DIN cable plugs directly into the socket on your bike and allows you to power your device straight from your bikes battery. Connector fits the Apple iPhone 5 / 5S & 5C also the iPad mini & iPad mini 2.

The new BuyBits connector is considerably shorter that the original connector (18cm / 7" approx)

Only high quality flexible cable used.
Waterproof - designed for motorcycles.
Hella / DIN / BMW Style plug.
Fused (2 amp).
Weather cap on power cable.
Input Voltage: DC 12-24V / Maximum : 16A.
Output Voltage: DC 5V / 2.1A.
Reverse Voltage Protection.
Short-Circuit Protection.
Overload Protection.
Overall length (with adapter) approx 53cm.

What do I get?
1 x Hella / DIN / BMW Style Power Cable
1x Apple iPhone 5 adapter

The unique BuyBits battery cable has a detachable waterproof power connector which allows alternative power connectors to be attached if you wish to use a different device.