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BuyBits Original Arm and Universal Waterproof Phone Case Bundle (sku 20210)

SKU: 20210

This bundle combines the BuyBits Original 3" Double Socket Extension Arm, BuyBits Original 1" Ball to 2 Prong Adaptor and Universal Waterproof Phone Case - use with an existing RAM, SW-Motech or Ultimate Addons motorcycle mount base.

The Waterproof Smartphone Case will fit many screen phones including: Samsung Apple iphone, HTC, Nokia, Motorola.....
Fits max size: length 12.3cm width 6.5cm depth 1.5cm all sizes approx.
(check measurements before ordering)
IPX4 waterproof rating - protects from light rain showers & water splashes, dust & dirt.
Charging cable access
Touch through front lens
Zip access.

BuyBits Original extension arm 3" length (7.62cm) between centres.
1" double socket fits all 1" ball mount bases including RAM Motorcycle Mounts and Ultimate Addons.
Made from heavy duty composite.
Light-weight & durable.
A tightening screw on the side of the arm enables the sockets to clamp firmly to a 1" diameter ball. When loosening the side screw, a single spring inside the arm opens the sockets allowing you to pivot the ball and socket connection or completely disconnect the ball from the socket.
BuyBits Original 1" Ball to 2 Prong Adaptor- joins case to arm.