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BuyBits Original Waterproof Extended Bundle for Galaxy Note 3 fits 1" Ball Mounts (sku 20213)

SKU: 20213

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This bundle combines the BuyBits Original 3" Double Socket Extension Arm, BuyBits Original 1" Ball to 2 Prong Adaptor and a Waterproof Smartphone Case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
Use with an existing 1" ball mount base.
Fits RAM, SW-Motech & Ultimate Addons bike mounts with 1" (25mm) ball fixtures.

Case is IPX4 and offers protection from light rain showers, water splashes, dust & dirt.
Charging cable access
Tough screen lens
Zip access

BuyBits Original extension arm - 3" length (7.62cm) between centres.
1" double socket fits all 1" ball mount bases including RAM Motorcycle Mounts and Ultimate Addons.
Made from heavy duty composite.
Light-weight & durable.
A tightening screw on the side of the arm enables the sockets to clamp firmly to a 1" diameter ball. When loosening the side screw, a single spring inside the arm opens the sockets allowing you to pivot the ball and socket connection or completely disconnect the ball from the socket.
BuyBits Original 1" Ball to 2 Prong Adaptor - attaches case to arm