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BuyBits Powered Dock & Charger with M8 Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp Mount for TomTom Rider 2 (sku 32906)

SKU: 32906

New - BuyBits design replacement POWERED DOCKING HOLDER, hardwire charging cable to power direct from your bikes battery & M8 motorcycle handlebar clamp mount base.
Works with TomTom RIDER 2, TomTom Urban Rider & TomTom Rider PRO motorcycle GPS satnav systems.

Designed as a replacement to your original dock.
Compatible with the TomTom Rider battery charger (not included)
4 hole AMPS attachment system works connects dock to mount base.
Waterproof - IPX4
Fused - accessible replaceable fuse
Includes the dedicated TomTom direct to battery charger
CE Approved
FCC Apporved

Motorcycle Handlebar Top Clamp M8 mount system is supplied with the 3 of the most popular M8 bolts and is suitable for any Japanese or European motorcycle models using metric bolts - replaces one of the m8 bolts on your handlebar top clamp bracket to give you a 25mm ball fixture.

3 size of M8 bolts are supplied
1 x 55mm M8 screw bolt
1 x 60mm M8 screw bolt
1 x 65mm M8 screw bolt

Note: Although we supply three sizes of M8 bolts in this kit you may find the lengths are not suitable for your needs. On this rare occasion you can purchase longer bolts from a reputable merchant. This is also the case if you wish to use this mount but require UNF.

Whats's included?
1 x BuyBits powered dock
1 x M8 handlebar clamp mount base
1 x adapter
1 x battery hardwire charger.

UA Mount for Motorcycle Handlebar Clamps - YouTube

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