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BuyBits Quick Fix Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount for iPhone 12 Mini (sku 55767)

SKU: 55767

BuyBits Quick Fix Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount for iPhone 12 Mini
Suitable for use with or without a case - comes with a choice of external or internal plate fittings for you to use.
Fits most vertical, horizontal & curved air vent slats.
So simple to use - lined jaws slot effortlessly onto the vent slats.
Base swivels to ensues an optimum viewing position.
6 Rare Earth Magnets provides a 7lb / 3kg pull force to give users a strong reliable grip.

Neat, tidy & stylish.

The magnet should not cause interruption to your smartphone's internet, cellular, or navigation quality when in use. It may cause some temporary interference to select smartphones compass function depending on the location of mounting the magnet mount. The compass will return back to normal use after removal.
Please note: the metal plate may cause interference to Qi charging functions, once the metal plate is removed, QI charging will return back to normal.