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BuyBits Scooter - Moped Bike Mirror Mount for Samsung Galaxy S20 (sku 51780)

SKU: 51780

Weather resistant mirror mount for scooters or mopeds.

Hold & view your Samsung Galaxy S20.

Perfect for satnav or map applications.

Zip case offers protection from dust, dirt, insects and light rain showers.
Responsive touch sensitive lens.
Lined zip.
Cable access.
Mirror attachment fits any bar or stem 8mm - 16mm
Attaches to the mirror stem giving a secure base to view your smartphone.
360 degree tilt & swivel
2 prong adapter attaches the mount to the case.

What do I get?

1 x Mirror Mount
1 x 2 Prong Adapter
1 x BuyBits case

Always check that the case is attached to the mount securely before inserting your phone.