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BuyBits Ultimate Garmin Nuvi 1340T Car Air Vent Mount (sku 16956)

SKU: 16956

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Vehicle air vent mount for the Garmin Nuvi 1340 / 1340T GPS SatNav system.

The BuyBits 'Ultimate' air vent mount is an innovative mounting option which attached to the slats of your vehicle's air vent slats.

Unlike other plastic vent mounts the BuyBits 'Ultimate' mount uses a metal jaw with a protective rubber liner to attach to the slats.

It is small and discreet and can be left in situ allowing you to add the cradle as required,

Fits vent slats with a minimum gap of 6mm between slats.

Suitable for most vent slats.

Vent attachment can be rotated to fit vertical and horizontal slats.

Optional removable metal support foot with cushioned feet included.

Mount base is supplied with the Nuvi 1300 series cradle which attaches to the back of your satnav in the same way as the original window attachment.

How does it work?
The new Ultimate vent mount uses a small metal jaw which, when offered up to the vent slat and tightened provides a discreet, secure mounting base for the cradle.
The jaws are rubber lined to protect your slats.
The base is provided with an additional support foot which can be used when the air vent slats and slope of the dashboard require extra stability.
Cradle is held on a ball so tilt & swivel adjustment can be achieved.
Tightening ring releases & holds position.

What's included?
'Ultimate' air vent base with support foot
Nuvi 1340 / 1340T cradle
Instruction sheet