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Car CD Slot Mount & Mega Grip Cradle for iPhone (sku 50517)

SKU: 50517

Car CD Slot Mount & Mega Grip Cradle for iPhone


Holds smartphones up to 3.25'' wide with no height restrictions
Spring-loaded side-arm mechanism provides a strong grip that's easy to use
Easy to insert or remove the smartphone.
Just set your phone in the mount and close the arms to lock in place.
A push of the holder's side button releases the phone.
Compatible when phone is used with a large protective case or skin.


The one-piece, sturdy mount inserts into any car CD slot and uses a lever to secure it.
The mount is also easily removable when you want to use your car CD player.
This mount is a great alternative for those who want to have their phone at eye level but don't want it on the dash or windshield.
The swivel ball head of the CD slot mount provides 360° rotation, giving you the ultimate flexibility in positioning the phone at any angle.

What do I get? 1x CD Slot mount base 1x Holder