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Central Car Headrest Tablet Holder for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" (sku 34005)

SKU: 34005

Suitable for the Samsung Galaxy TAB 4 10.1, Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 2 & original Galaxy Tab - uses a unique spring loaded cradle which supports your tablet both horizontally & vertically.

Composit cradle includes set of four insert posts to allow you to use with smaller tablets right up to 12.9" screen models
Can be use with some light-weight cases / silicon skins.

Position your table centrally - between the two front seats.
Telescopic design allows you to adjust the arm to fit your vehicle.

Quick & easy to set up or remove - nb tools required to fit.

What's included?
1 x central headrest mount base
1 x BuyBits composit tablet cradle

Video shows central headrest mount base ONLY