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Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 with 1" (25mm) Socket Adapter (female) (sku 55175)

SKU: 55175

IPX4 Waterproof Zip Case - Suitable for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Supplied with a 1" / 25mm socket adapter, suitable for use with motorcycle mounts from Ram, SW-Motech, BuyBits & Ultimate Addons

The IPX4 standard waterproof case which is designed to securely hold the phone and protect from water splashes, light rain showers & dirt.
Clear touch sensitive lens.
Offers cable access
Twin ended zip for easy access.
This case allows some room for you to keep a protective case on your phone.
This of course will depend of the style of case and we cannot say whether it will be suitable for yours.

1 x IPX4 waterproof case
1 x 25mm / 1" socket (female) adapter