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Counter Top Desk Tablet Stand Holder for Apple iPad Mini (sku 21131)

SKU: 21131

Hold and view your Apple iPad Mini easily on kitchen counter tops, garage workshops, work desktops etc.

With a square 18cm weighted base plate the mount gives a stable mounting point wherever you decide to use it.

Fitted with extendable arm adjustable from 17cm - 22.5cm, and a tilt and swivel ball adjustment to the tablet cradle at the top, the mount will be easily moved to its most convenient position,

Includes the NEW Buybits HUG deluxe tablet cradle that promises to hold your tablet as close as you do.
Its two rubber tipped adjustable arms allow it to snugly hold your tablet in both landscape and portrait positions, using its feet at the base to prevent your tablet from falling out the bottom of the cradle.
Suitable for use with or without a case - fits most styles.
Soft faux leather back looks stylish and protects your tablet while in the holder.
The H.U.G XL cradle comes with two sets of interchangable arms allowing it to fit varying sizes of tablets in both positions. Both arms specifically designed to wrap round your tablet hugging it into the back of the cradle, ensuring its kept secure the entire time.

Weight 1.49kg approx