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Cross Trainer Exercise Fitness Tablet Holder Mount for Apple iPad 3 (sku 34124)

SKU: 34124

Use your tablet at the gym - clamp mount base attaches to cross trainers & exercise / fitness machines with ease.
Universal design can be used on bars, rails, struts & flats - no tools required.
Jaws have an anti slip liner and will accommodate up to 45mm in diameter.

The BuyBits spring loaded adjustable cradle fits 7.9"-12.9" tablets and can be used with the Apple iPad 4 (4th Gen) iPad 3, iPad 3, iPad 2 & original iPad and with the iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2 & original iPad Mini tablet.
Unique design - composit cradle holds your tablet secure on all four sides. - view tablet both horizontally or vertically
Adjustable - includes a set of four insert posts to allow you to use with a variety of sized tablets.
Will accommodate some styles light-weight silicon cases / skin..
Easy to fit
NO TOOLS needed