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Cross Trainer Phone Holder for Samsung Galaxy S8+ (sku 36880)

SKU: 36880

G-Clamp gooseneck mount base with flexible fit phone holder suitable for the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ mobile smartphones.
Suitable for use with most styles of phone case.
Phone cradle has push button release and lipped sopport arms to prevent the phone falling forward.
Universal clamp base fits: Fits round, square & oval bar, stems, poles & frames: Round - maxi diameter 35mm (1.38 inches); Oval - maxi - 55mm (2.17 inches); Square across flats - 25mm (1inch) - (all measurements approx)

Light-weight mount, quick to set up, attaches to cross bars or up-right struts of your cross trainer .
No tools required.
15cm (5.9") flexible arm - bend to view.