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Dedicated Bicycle Bike Head Stem Mount Holder for Apple iPhone 6 4.7 (sku 20297)

SKU: 20297

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Bicycle Head Stem mount with a dedicated clip-in phone cradle for Apple iPhone 6 4.7.
Suitable for most bicycles - fits 1‚Öõ" (28.6mm) Star Washer bike stems - not suitable for Quill Stems.
Strong secure mounting base made from carbon fibre composite designed to fit on the head stem of the bicycle.
Quick and easy to attach - simply remove the existing head stem cap on the bike and replace with the mount - single screw fitting.
Supplied with 3 separation discs (total of 30mm / 1.18") to adapt to different handlebar heights with a maximum angle of 35'.
Rotates 360' and sets a horizontal / vertical angle of up to 57' - set preferred angle using the allen key provided.
Complete with an extremely resilient silicone safety band to stretch across phone providing extra security when riding.
Made using weather / corrosion resistant materials.
Cradle connects to the mount with a 4-prong layout and a spring release button enables the holder to be attached and removed with ease.
The secure dedicated clip-in cradle only fits the Apple iPhone 6 and will not accommodate the use of an additional protective case or skin.
Camera access preserved.
1 x head stem mount with spacers
1x dedicated Apple iPhone 6 clip-in holder
1 x tool pack to aid fitting

Important: Please insure that the cradle is securely attached to the mount before inserting the phone.