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Dedicated Cup Holder Car Mount for iPad MINI 2 (sku 20756)

SKU: 20756

Car mount for the Apple iPad MINI 2. Cup / drinks holder mounting base with a dedicated iPad MINI 2 / 3 holder.
The bespoke clip-in cradle has been designed to contour the iPad MINI 2 / 3 and fit it perfectly. Camera & charging port access.

The cup holder base issuch a simple yet very effective mounting option for your vehicle.
No drilling, no fuss, quick to insert & remove.
Ideal for multi vehicle drivers.
Suitable for almost all cup holders, the unique twist & grip action fits recesses from 65mm - 105mm.
The top of the cup holder base forms a smooth surface which the suction cup arm attaches to.
By rotating the top of the base the three expanding fins push out and grip the sides of the cup holder giving a firm base to view your iPad MINI 2 / 3.

The suction arm & iPad MINI 2 / 3 holder
A strong adjustable suction arm.
Reliable lever release suction cup.
Apply directly to the Cup Holder Base or use on your windscreen as an added mounting option.
Swivel end allows the iPad MINI 2 / 3 cradle to be viewed vertically or horizontally.
Includes the dedicated iPad MINI 2 / 3 clip-in holder.

Note: due to the bespoke nature of this cradle you will need to remove your iPad from any case before inserting in the cradle.

Adjustable Cup Holder Mount - YouTube

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