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Dedicated Fast Lock Suction Car Windscreen Dash Mount for Sony Xperia Z2 (sku 19626)

SKU: 19626

Unique 'fast lock' dedicated phone holder for the Sony Xperia Z2 mobile phone.
Smaller than traditional suction arms.
Ideal for smaller cars and windscreens with a shallow pitch.

Bespoke clip-in cradle has been designed to hold the Sony Xperia Z2.

BONUS: includes an adhesive dash disc pre drilled for permanent installation if required.

Applications - 2 mounting options in one.
Apply directly to the glass of windows / windscreens
or use with the dashboard mounting disc supplied.

360º tilt & swivel positioning.
Neat & tidy.
Reliable twist & lock suction grip using a 60mm suction cup with removal tab.
Includes an adhesive dash disc (optional dash board mounting option).
Dedicated cradle - not suitable for use with a case.