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Dedicated Golf Trolley Cart Flexi Arm Clamp Mount for Sony Xperia Z2 (sku 19620)

SKU: 19620

Golf G-Clamp mount with dedicated secure cradle designed to contour the Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone.

UA Flexible Golf Trolley Clamp Mount - YouTube

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Flexible arm comes complete with a bespoke secure clip-in phone cradle made to only fit the Sony Xperia Z2 mobile.
Make & receive calls or take advantage of all the great golf applications, maps or GPS apps available to download.

The flexible arm clamp mount attachment has been designed to fit the majority of golf trolleys & carts currently on the market.
Whether your frame is oval, square or round; a Motocaddy, Powakaddy, Stowamatic, HillBilly, Masters Golf, Stewart Golf or Dunlop this clamp will offer you an alternative mounting option from our usual rail or handle mount.

This Clamp Mount will fit the following frame struts & supports
Round - maximum diameter 35mm (1.38 inches)
Oval - maximum - 55mm (2.17 inches)
Square across flats - 25mm (1inch)
(all approx)
18cm (7.09 inches) flexible arm.
Ball & socket adjustment for swivel & tilt positioning.
Light-weight and easy to use.
NO TOOLS required to fit.
The cradle only fits the Sony Xperia Z2 and has been designed to follow the contours of this phone perfectly, therefore you will need to remove any case / skin used before inserting.

What do I get?
1 x Sony Xperia Z2 cradle
1 x Golf Trolley Clamp Mount