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Dedicated iPad AIR Deluxe Car Headrest Mount (sku 18650)

SKU: 18650

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Dedicated iPad Air Deluxe Car Headrest Mount (sku 18650)

SKU: 18650

Quality car mount with metal headrest post hooks for the Apple iPad Air tablet.

Attached with ease to the front seats of your vehicle.
Suitable for all headrest posts.
Allows rear seat passengers to view & use your iPad AIR.
Keep everyone happy & make long car journeys bearable.

The two metal hooks attach in seconds and can be removed just as easily.
Simple thumb screw fittings tighten and hold the hooks in position.

Unique rigid goose-neck design can be used facing up or downwards.
This offers maximum flexibility in positioning your tablet for both shorter and taller passengers.

The iPad AIR cradle has been designed to contour and hold securely.
Due to the bespoke nature of the holder you need to remove any case or skin before inserting

The cradle is held to the mount with a ball socket allowing 360º swivel & tilt, reducing glare and enabling the holder to be viewed horizontally or vertically.

Charger access.

What's included?
1 x Solid goose-neck headrest mount
1 x Dedicated iPad AIR cradle