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Dedicated iPad Mini Holder Mount for Artist Easel (sku 17863)

SKU: 17863

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Dedicated iPad Mini Holder Mount for Artist Easel sku 17863)

SKU: 17863

Dedicated Apple iPad Mini cradle with a flexible 18cm arm & universal G-Clamp mount fixture.
Suitable for any easel wooden or aluminum.

Fits Fits: frame work / bar:
Round - maximum diameter 35mm (1.38 inches)
Oval - maximum - 55mm (2.17 inches)
Square across flats - 25mm (1inch) (all sizes are approx)

Light weight and simple to attach.
NO TOOLS required.
18cm (7.09 inches) bendy arm offers flexibility.
360º Ball & socket adjustment, view your tablet horizontally or vertically.

The bespoke clip in cradle is designed for the Apple iPad Mini only.
Moulded design contours the iPad Mini.
Soft touch lined

Note: Remove your case or protective skin before inserting in the cradle.