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Dedicated Motorcycle Crossbar Mount for Sony Xperia Z2 (sku 19618)

SKU: 19618

Dedicated Sony Xperia Z2 cradle with metal motorcycle crossbar / rail bike mount.
Secure clip in phone holder designed to only hold the Sony Xperia Z2.
Contours the Sony Xperia Z2 perfectly.
All function areas remain accessible.
Ideal for accessing GPS or Map applications.

Note: This is a bespoke holder and will not accommodate a case or skin.
The Mount:
Rail attachment from the Ultimate Addons range.
Fits any bar with a diameters between 8mm - 16mm
Attaches to the rail giving a secure base to view your smartphone.
360º tilt & swivel
The 3 prong adaptor to attach to the case.

What do I get?
1 x Ultimate Addons 8mm-16mm rail Mount
1 x Ultimate Addons 3 Prong Adaptor
1 x dedicated Sony Xperia Z2 cradle