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Dedicated Quick fix Compact Music Mount Tablet Holder for iPad Mini 2019 (sku 50553)

SKU: 50553

Tablet holder with 25mm flexible arm and BuyBits quick fit clamp.
Suitable for the iPad Mini 2019

Attached to music & microphone stands in seconds.
Perfect for accessing music or song lists

Bespoke clip-in cradle designed for the Apple iPad Mini 2019 only.
A slim dedicated holder.
Remove your case or protective skin before inserting in the cradle.

Quick fit clamp fits frames / bars with a diameter between 20mm - 40mm.
Ideal for oval & round framework / bars.
Wide opening up to 40mm.
Tightening screw with securing lever.
Jaws are lined to protect frame and reduce vibration.

Light-weight, quick to set up and easy to remove.
No tools required.